SÉCURIMAX INC ALARMS AND ANTI-THEFT offers a large range of vehicle protection and alarm systems. Place your trust in our team's expertise to ensure the proper installation and repair of your starter system.South Shore starter system installation and repair, North Shore starter system installation and repair

A wealth of experience in the installation and repair of starter systems.

Entretien système d’alarme Rive-Sud, Entretien système d’alarme Rive-Nord

Work on all types of starter systems

Looking to install a starter system on your vehicle? Call the experts at SÉCURIMAX INC ALARMS AND ANTI-THEFT We have a variety of skills in the installation of different starter system units. Our technicians also have solid experience in the installation of smart, bidirectional or unidirectional starter systems. Our expertise in the field also lets us provide our customers with various maintenance and repair services. We guarantee satisfactory services whether you're located in Montreal, on the South Shore or the North Shore.

Take advantage of the personalized advice from our specialists.

Optimize the protection and security of your car with the installation of a reliable starter system. Our team is always there for you to guide you through the choice of device best suited to your needs. Whether you choose a basic system or a smart device, our technicians are your trusted partners. They'll always steer your toward the best functionalities offered by your car's starter system. Our team is committed to providing you with the best advice for optimization, reliability and effectiveness. Our expertise in this speciality makes sure that the job is done to the highest of your expectations.

Optimize the reliability and effectiveness of your vehicle's starter system

In accordance with your needs, our starter system technicians also have skills in the:

  • Installation of additional remote controls
  • Extension of the remote control range
  • Installation and configuration of a panic button
  • Implementation of a remote locking and unlocking system

Our team is always attentive to your needs,

trust us with your project.